Having a strong password is the first defense we have for keeping intruders out of our private accounts. It is crucial to ensure that all your passwords are unique for your important websites and that you change these passwords over time.

Have a unique password for your online banking and email accounts

It can be complicated keeping up with all your passwords but it is extremely important to have unique passwords on the sites that matters. Having the same passwords for your different accounts is like your house, car and business all sharing the same key. Should a criminal gain a password to one account, he could then get into them all.

Keeping your passwords stored is ok, just keep them out of site.
Whether you save your passwords on your computer or you write them down, it is important that you keep them out of site.

Create a strong password

Avoiding simple passwords such as “password” or “123456” can help strengthen your passwords security. Instead, try a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.

Use a phrase only you know
One password technique that works well is having your password relate to a phrase pertaining to your account. Your bank account phrase could be “I should save more and spend less one day” allowing you to make a password with letters, numbers and symbols. “is$m&sl1d” would be a strong password that reflects this phrase.

Establish password security

Making sure you take full advantage of password recovery offered by website can help secure your password. Sometimes email providers, online banking accounts and other services will offer text or phone security options. This is often the safest and most secure way to protect your account.

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