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Management hours
What are management hours?

Management hours are the amount of hours each month our team puts into your websites. This time is most commonly used on our aggressive SEO, Sign up, and E-commerce monitoring strategies. You may also request changes to your website and we’ll use the allotted management hours to make these changes.

Do management hours rollover?

Management hours do not roll over. For the Growth and E-Commerce plans, we actively use management hours to work on the strategies and development towards your companies growth plan.

How do I get more hours?

Typically, clients don’t need more hours unless they request a lot of work to be done on the site. We try to roll this work into future months to avoid further payments but it’s always a case by case basis so we’ll have a discussion with you about your options first. If needed, additional hours are billed at $100 /h.

Free website hosting
How does free website hosting work?

With each plan we’ll take care of your websites hosting needs. If you’re paying someone else to do this, speak with your OwlManage account rep about canceling your existing services.

Do you pay for the domain?

For security purposes, we highly recommend you maintain full access of your domain and handle the payment for it. With that being said, we will maintain your domain for you upon request.

Your domain company may require a transfer fee payment when sending it to us and it will require a transfer fee when sending the domain back. The transfer free is typically the yearly cost of the domain and resets your next yearly fee’s payment due date. The transfer fee is set by the domain management companies. We do not profit off of the domain transfer fee.

Website refresh
Is the website refresh really free with a management plan?

Yes! You’re free to use your Website Refresh for the entirety of your management plan at no cost to you. We put about forty hours into building your website to get it to completion. After which any requested changes are build to your current plans management hours.

You must have a Growth or E-Commerce plan with OwlManage and your website hosted by OwlManage in order to receive the free website rebuild. The website is available for use while you maintain applicable OwlManage plans.

Already have a plan? Reach out to your account rep to access your free refresh.

What happens to my new Website Refresh if I cancel my management plan?

If you’d like to cancel your management plan and keep the website, there is a one time cost of $2000 to gain full rights for the website. You may choose to cancel and not keep the website at which time there would be no additional charge.

Do you keep a copy of my old website?

Typically, we do not keep a back up of your old website when doing a Website Refresh. It’s highly recommended you make a copy of your existing website before your Website Refresh begins.

Request website changes
How frequently can I request changes to my website?

At anytime, you may request changes and update to your website. Our team will use your allotted management hours to complete your tasks. If work hours go in excess of available management hours for the month, you may purchase additional hours for $100 an hour or wait until the next month.

If you have a custom built website from OwlManage, making changes yourself is very easy as the websites are intuitive. If you do not have access to your back end or you forget your credentials, your account manager will be happy to provide them for you.

What hidden fees do I need to be aware of?

We’re extremely transparent with pricing. Thanks to hourly plans, most payments fall within your plan. There are a few occasions where an additional payment is needed. The following are the only items you may be charged for:

1. Additional hours needed outside of your regular management hours

When does this happen?
For most, almost never and it is completely optional. If there is a big task that will take more hours for the month than you have, you can choose to do the additional hours billed or simply wait until next month when you have more hours.

2. Transferring your domain to us

When does this happen?
Again, almost never. We highly recommend you maintain your own access to your domain for security reasons. However, if you’d like us to manage your domain, we’ll be happy to. We only charge the cost of transferring. This is typically a one time fee of $15. If you end up cancelling with us, there will be another one time fee around $15 to transfer the domain back to you. This fee is set by the domain register companies and varies from company to company.

3. Keeping your website refresh

When does this happen?
When you cancel your plan with us and you choose to keep the Website Refresh.

4. The need for a very unique plugin that maintains a subscription or cost to it and we can’t find a free route

When does this happen?
This is another very rare case that may happen when your website requires a very unique feature. We always work to take the free, customer friendly path for you and are very good at it.

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