With Gmail’s Email Forwarding you can send and receive your websites business emails from your Gmail account. Here is a brief guide on how to do this.

1. Forward your business emails to your Gmail Account

This step requires either you or your server admin to set up a email forwarder from your server to your Gmail account. For this to be set up by GCSkyeDesign, simply call, email or submit a ticket requesting your business email be forwarded. Please also submit the Gmail account you’d like to receive the emails.

2. Setting up Gmail to be able to send emails as your business email

  1. Log into Gmail
  2. Click the gear icon then settings
  3. Looking at the tabs on the top, click Accounts and Import
  4. Under send email as, click “Add another email address”. A popup will open
  5. Put in the name you’d like to use as well as your business email address. Hit next
  6. SMTP server is your website url (example: gcskyedesign.com)
  7. Username is your business email (example: skye@gcskyedesign.com)
  8. The password will be supplied by your Admin or by GCSkyeDesign

Once all this information is in, you can send an email and choose to send as the Gmail account or Business account. You can do this with as many accounts as you’d like.

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